CodeOp is:

Women. Transgender. Nonbinary. Education. Technology. Community. Diversity. Change.
A vibe.

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We believe education gives
birth to new worlds 

And helps old worlds disappear: marginalisation, gender disparity, underrepresentation, biases— issues all too commonplace in an industry that aspires to uplift us all.

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We’re here to provide the safe space, training, and resources needed to encourage, support, and equip women+ with the skills they need to thrive in the tech industry. In doing so, we aim to change the culture of tech worldwide.

CodeOp was founded in 2018 to help solve the gender disparity problem in the tech space. We’re the first international tech school for women, transgender, and non-binary individuals (women+) who want to transition to, or upskill in tech.

Our values


We have a passion for education and believe it demands the highest quality. Academic excellence to us is about the quality of teaching and Read more ->

learning, allowing our students to feel both success and challenge on a daily basis.


We strive to think and do what's right at all times. We support and accept one another, and continue to build our emotional Read more ->

intelligence so that we’re conscious of ourselves and how our behaviours can affect others. In short, we don’t do dickheadery.


No group is a monolith. We embrace the fact that we're all complex individuals, defined and influenced by our experiences. Fostering an Read more ->

environment of different voices, perspectives, and truth will bring us closer to solving problems and push the boundaries of tech.


Education is inherently personal and intimate, however it's bolstered by community. Community is at the core of the learning Read more ->

experience at CodeOp, allowing students to have ownership of their education process in a safe, nurturing space.


We believe in the value of discomfort and how it forces us to transform. Pushing through the discomfort of learning is ultimately Read more ->

what it takes to discover new cells, build confidence, and grow. We won’t tell you it’s going to be easy, but we’ll give you the training you need to become a great professional.


Help us build a community playlist with music to code, study, work, relax, and let loose to.

Meet The Team

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Full Stack Development

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Public Programmes

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Career Coach

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Big goals,
full transparency

We’ve made a commitment to our community—this means we have a responsibility to be transparent about how we’re working to provide a positive impact in their lives and in the tech industry.

Together with our investors, we’ve created Impact Key Performance Indicators to ensure we’re constantly gauging and improving our social impact:

  • Women+ employed in a quality tech job
  • Salary Improvement
  • Increased confidence in ability to succeed in technical endeavors
  • Women+ in new positions with increased pay and/or responsibilities
  • Women+ in senior roles, managerial & executive responsibilities
  • Reduced feelings of marginalisation in tech

Our investors

Everyone who has invested in CodeOp has done so in full support of our mission. From our lead investors—Ship2B Ventures, Sabadell Ventures, Thomas Meyer (founder of Desigual) and Heiko Rauch (founder of Zanox)—to our 23 angel investors, we’ve always known that together, we can do great work.

Ask us anything

Whether you’re a prospective student looking for more info, or interested in joining our community as a mentor, instructor, or partner company, get in touch and let us know.

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