3-day Coding Challenge for Beginners

Our free 3-day coding challenge for women, trans and nonbinary folk is the perfect introduction to coding for you.

3-day Coding Challenge for Beginners 3-day Coding Challenge for Beginners

Exploring Coding & Career Potential
with CodeOp

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Join our free 3-day coding challenge to build your very own website by learning some fundamental coding skills.

  • Are you wondering how hard it is to learn coding?
  • Curious about how to get into tech with no degree?
  • Wondering if a career in coding could be for you?
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How does it work?

Over 3 days, we’ll work together to build a website, learning new technologies and adding new features as we go.

After each exciting, educational session you’ll be given a simple coding task to complete. This will allow you to
practice and reinforce your new-found coding skills.

We’re all in this together:

As soon as you sign up for the challenge – you’ll join other women, trans and nonbinary folk in our community Slack channel.
You’ll be able to chat with other challenge participants and ask our instructors and graduate assistants any questions.

If you’ve ever been curious about coding or even what a career as a developer could look like – then this challenge is just for you.

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Tuesday, 17 Sep
Wednesday, 18 Sep
Thursday, 19 Sep

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Each Day Online
from 06:30 PM CET

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Live on Zoom, with daily replays on our YouTube channel

Here's what we'll

Day 1
Create the basic HTML structure for your website. Build a simple layout with a header, navigation menu, main content area, and footer. You can use HTML5 semantic elements to structure your page.
Day 2
Focus on styling your website using CSS. Apply styles to your header, navigation menu, main content area, and footer. Use CSS to control fonts, colors, margins, padding, and other aspects of the layout. You can also experiment with background images and animations to make your website more visually appealing.
Day 3
Check your solution through a code-along with the instructor and make your new website even more beautiful by learning a new front-end framework called Bootstrap

Think coding isn’t creative?

Our 3 day coding challenge is here to show you otherwise! It’ll give you the fundamental coding skills to turn your ambition to create a digital product from scratch.

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A little bit about CodeOp

CodeOp was founded in 2018 to help solve the gender disparity problem in the tech space. We’re the first international tech school for women, trans, and nonbinary folk (women+) who want to transition to or upskill in tech.

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Our CEO Katrina Walker created CodeOp after her own transition to data science from the social sciences in her early 30s. She experienced first-hand the issues of gender disparity and inequality in tech.

CodeOp is a coding academy that offers an inclusive, safe space for women+ to come together and learn how to code. We equip you with the training, resources and support needed to land a job in tech.

In doing so, we aim to change the culture of tech, worldwide – for good.

But just don’t take it from us

Read what our graduates have to say about our teaching style:

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I must say, they do have an amazing curriculum. I really appreciated my instructor Germinal for his effective teaching methods and fast-paced approach. His support has been invaluable, especially as a beginner in the field. I would recommend his teaching style to anyone looking to learn software development.

The teaching assistants and staff members at CodeOp created a supportive atmosphere throughout this challenging and intensive bootcamp. In general, they have an incredible and special community that is very supportive, and it is one of the perks of this bootcamp. I also want to acknowledge CodeOp’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

This bootcamp provided not only technical skills but also valuable insights into the importance of diversity in our industry. Overall, I highly recommend CodeOp for all women+

-- Zarina Urazgaleyeva
Zarina Urazgaleyeva

I would recommend CodeOp from any other bootcamp, it was a magical experience for me. I did the full-time full-stack development course and everything went beyond my expectations.

Even thought I did the course remotely, there was an extreme clear course structure and organization, the instructor and teaching assistants created a very good technical and emotional support atmosphere.

Everything at CodeOp breathes and transmits a passion for coding.

-- Isabel Matte
Isabel Matte

Changing career is not easy at all but they gave us support at all levels. Instructors and TAs were very committed to our progression and results, from the beginning.

The atmosphere on campus is so welcoming and motivating, that I’m going to miss it for a long time. I think what makes the difference is THEIR VALUES. Everything they do has a social effect and a very important main objective: eradicating the gender gap in tech.

Being part of a small group of women with the same goals and concerns made me feel really supported.

-- Natalia AG
Natalia AG

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