Full Stack Development—parents edition

Part-time (26 weeks)

Remote · Barcelona

Code alongside a community of parents and relaunch your career as a full stack developer. Because it’s never too late to start. And with us, you’re never alone.

Tailored to fit your life, not the other way around

  • Learn in the morning, part-time while your kids are at school and there's time to focus
  • Study in a flexible environment which recognises the unpredictable nature of a mom's schedule
  • Meet experienced developers and mentors who know what it means to be a parent
  • Work with a team of career advisors who can help you translate your career into a new technical role
Reset your career with a technical-edge

Reset your career with a technical-edge

Since 2018, we’ve helped women+ between the ages of 18-56 transition into tech. Changing industry and function is no small feat—do it with a community.

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A coding school woman-founded and -led

A coding school woman-founded and -led

Most coding schools replicate the gender disparity you already see in tech. CodeOp was founded with the sole purpose of bridging technical talent with diversity and inclusion.

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Financing options to lessen the burden

Financing options to lessen the burden

Not only will we teach you, but we will also provide you with the capital to do it. Our financial plans vary from paying only once you have a job to 0% interest rates for monthly payment plans.

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Your transition to tech starts here

Our Full Stack Web Development course will provide you with all the Programming skills you need to launch your career as a programmer & junior software developer.

  • Master the Programming fundamentals that will allow you to able to break down any Full Stack project in terms of its most important assets.
  • Work on solving programming challenges & figuring out programme algorithms to solve problems.
  • Build your logic skills & problem-solving strategies, and develop an programmers engineering mindset.
  • Learn all the tools that make programming & modern web development possible—React, Vue, Express, MySQL, Git, Heroku.
  • Understand the core concepts behind each tool, and the programming foundations and core functionalities of each framework.

What makes this course different

We don’t just cover the fundamentals of the tools you’ll need. Unlike other bootcamp curriculums we also:

  • Teach additional tools, techniques, libraries, and best practices that are actually used in “real life”— the type that any company who hires you will want you to use.
  • Utilise “flash lectures”, to introduce you to necessary tools that aren’t often covered, ensuring you end up more prepared for building real apps from day one.

This more in-depth course of study combined with our intensive careers week, inspiring friday talks, and personalised career coaching provides CodeOp students the skills, resources, and confidence they need to succeed in tech.


Our three-module system guarantees our graduates are industry-ready.

Lecture phase

Students learn theoretical foundations, develop problem-solving abilities and enhance their concept retention.

Method: Scaffolded lectures and activities; live-coded reviews; weekly milestone checks

Project phase

Students apply theory to develop 3 full-stack apps and advance their knowledge through flash lectures.

Method: Iterative group work and hands-on learning through projects

Career prep

Students undergo a week of intense preparation to make sure they’re ready to graduate and enter the tech workforce.

Method: whiteboarding; technical improvisations; flash lectures; pitch-coaching; mock technical interviews

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Start with pre-course Work

The content covered in the pre-course work gives you a basic overview of Full Stack Development and prepares you to hit the ground running on your first day of the bootcamp. It also helps to provide a more equal footing for students with zero coding background and practice, so they don’t feel left behind when classes start.



30 hours




1 hour




9 hours




10 hours




4 hours


Explore a typical day in the different phases of the course

Week 1-15

Week 16-24

Week 24-26































9:30 - 10:00

Problem-Solving Warm-Up
Review of previous day’s activity
Receive a problem solving challenge and get some time to hack away at it, either together with your coursemates or independently. Your instructor will then go over the solution with you.

10:00 - 10:45

Review of Activity
Your instructor reviews the activity from the previous day’s lesson, showing you different approaches to solving the activity and explaining their way of thinking.

10:45 - 11:30

Your instructor presents a lecture introducing a new topic.

11:30 - 12:30

You get a new activity to do, with time to work on it and practice the concepts just taught in the lecture.


Coding Challenge Solution Review
Your instructor goes over various ways to approach the coding challenge that you did for homework, explaining their process and way of thinking.


Flash Lectures
Lectures related to the projects you’ve chosen. These are an opportunity to cover more advanced topics such as: Express, Authentication with JWT, Google Maps API Integration, React Router, Sequelize, Redux, Pusher API and Heroku deployment.


1:1 Support from Instructor
Meet in 1:1 slots with your instructor to touch base on your project and ask questions.

Block 1 -

Mock HR and Technical Interviews
Practice makes perfect! Do a mock HR and technical interview in order to get a taste of what to expect during the application process. Get individual feedback in order to improve and be able to sail through the real thing.

Block 2 -

Mock Technical Assessment
Practice doing a technical test, which is an essential part of most tech hiring processes.

Block 3 -

CV and LinkedIn Preparation and Feedback
The careers team will give advice and share information and tips on how to format and what to include on your CV and LinkedIn profile. You can share your CV and profile with them for some advice.

Block 4 -

Technical Recruiter Insights
A technical recruiter with experience in the industry will share their insights including what they look for in candidates, and the behind the scenes of the process!

Block 5 -

HR Specialist Support
Our in-house career coaching specialist shares insights on how HR departments handle tech hiring and how to stand out as a candidate.

Block 6 -

Build Your Online Tech Presence
GitHub, LinkedIn, Medium, Slack, Twitter, it goes on and on. Get information on how to use different platforms to share your work and skills and to connect with others in the tech industry.

Block 7 -

Whiteboarding Strategies and Practice
Time to exercise those thinking muscles. An instructor will discuss different ways of tackling on-the-spot coding challenges and you’ll get a chance to train your quick and logical thinking.

Block 8 -

Technical Concept Revision
A chance to review the concepts and terminology you’ve covered over the course.

Block 9 -

Tackling Impostor Syndrome
A guest speaker will share their insights on the impostor syndrome including sharing some tips on how to handle it. Imposter Syndrome is a common experience in the tech space among both novice and experienced programmers alike.


Build an attention grabbing,
job-ready portfolio

You’ll work on three main projects to ensure that you finish the course with a strong, technical portfolio to show recruiters. These projects showcase your ability to build an MVP from scratch, enter an existing codebase and build a new feature, and work collaboratively on an app.



This contains a working frontend, server, database, and a third party API integration. Technical designs must include the database schema, API plan, and UX mockups.


Feature Extension

You’ll fork another student’s project and add a major feature. This is chosen in collaboration with your instructor, taking into consideration your current skills gaps and future career goals.


Collaborative App

You’ll work together with other students on an app, which must include a working frontend, server, database, and third party API integration. It should be polished from a design perspective and deployed to the cloud. Technical designs must include the database schema, API plan, and UX mockups.


Meet the team behind our
industry leading course

Our instructors bring a ton of experience and energy to your Full Stack education. They’ll act as your teacher, adviser, and guide throughout the course, providing personalized feedback to help you build confidence in developing your engineering-mindset.


Get total support from
start to finish

Enjoy unrivalled attention and support with small class sizes with a ratio of 1 instructional staff for every 5 students guarantees one-on-one attention, faster learning, and stronger relationships.

Your support team


These are the real experts; they code for fun and come with years of industry experience. Their role is to direct you through the course content and teach you best practices so that you can grow in your knowledge, skills and confidence in the best, most efficient way possible.


Normally a more senior developer working in the industry who volunteers their time to support students during the more difficult phases of the course. You'll find that sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes to spot that syntax error!


The role of the career coach is to prepare you for post-bootcamp life in the best way possible. They play an important role in helping you identify your strengths, weaknesses and transferable skills from your previous career and guiding you on the options available to you upon graduation.


Often described as the bridge between the instructor and the students. In most cases they've been through the bootcamp themselves and so can relate to and empathise with the students' experience. Their role is to support you during activity time as well as with any additional technical support needed.


Our dedication to your
career goals is second to none

We’re committed to helping our students transition to into intellectually challenging and meaningful careers in tech. Our careers support team works hard to make sure you get where you want to go in your career, and can hit the ground running once you’re there.


Students are supported with careers coaching and training over the duration of the bootcamp. After, we continue to provide ongoing career support, as well as access to our graduate network of recruiters, job opportunities and recruitment fairs, mentors, events and more.


Through interactive workshops students learn best practices and the latest tech from professionals in the industry. You’ll have opportunities to learn about UX and UI design, product development, data engineering and science, and project management in the agile environment.


An intensive week of technical and career coaching workshops, presentations, and professional talks. The week culminates in a #IamRemarkable session—a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.


Because of our strong commitment to diversity, our community is one that recruiters and companies come to directly to find highly-trained candidates. We have a large hiring partner network to ensure our students can gain experience in the field, secure better jobs and further advance their tech careers.

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Our students go on to launch
successful tech careers

Rosanne K.

Full Stack Web Developer

If you’re doubting (like I did) whether it’s really possible to change your career and become a developer after a bootcamp — it is. But it’s not magic! It requires a lot of hard work, long days and focus. A bootcamp is just one step on your path to becoming a developer.


You have to be prepared and continue learning afterwards. But if you give it your all, those 3 months can really be life-changing. And CodeOp will be there to support you every step of the way.

Naijeria T

Full Stack Engineer

I had two challenges – time and money. As a working mother of three there were demands on my time and monthly budget. I had initially dabbled in free and paid online courses. Juggling work and family and finding time to study, it was very easy to fall behind.


CodeOp has an open door policy, you are able to access support from the staff when you need it. To be honest , it didn’t have to be code related…it is 360 degree wholesome support. The staff is approachable and non judgmental. Code Op checked the boxes

Verena S

Localization Program Manager

Some of my personal highlights of the program were:

– Continued support from instructors, classmates and the amazing Codeop alumni community when I got stuck solving a problem


– AMAZING staff and instructors who care deeply about the learning journey and career path of each student
– Really relevant preparation for getting started in the tech industry (career talks, mock interviews etc)

– Focus on problem solving and thinking like a developer

Read more reviews on Course Report and SwitchUp


All courses are taught in Central European Time (CET).

All courses are taught in Central European Time (CET).



Benefit from our flexible and
affordable payment options

Remote (Live online)


+€600 deposit

  • Break up the cost of tuition and pay in up to 18 months
  • Low-interest financing options available
  • €1,000 discount when paid upfront
  • Income Share Agreement: Pay after you find a job

We offer a range of options to minimize the cost of tuition for all students, including scholarship opportunities for anyone who’s eligible. You can explore the flexible payment options available on our detailed student financing and scholarships page.

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You can do it,
put your back into it

Discover what it takes to apply. We’ve pretty sure you’ve got it.

  • A computer and a stable internet connection
  • An interest in coding
  • To be brave enough to suck at something new—until you don’t.
  • Ability to learn how to learn: Much of learning how to code is about learning to solve problems on your own. We’ll guide you and teach you the best practices, but it’s up to you to learn what works best for you.
  • The motivation to transform your career
  • A background in Maths or another STEM discipline
  • Endless free time Our courses are available part-time and full-time so that you can find the pace that works best for you.
  • A competitive attitude
  • Your life savings We offer flexible and affordable payment plans, with the option to discuss a customised plan that better suits your situation.

Join our bootcamp

You can choose to learn with us remotely or in Barcelona.


What are the prerequisites for joining the course?


Our students come from all walks of life – we’ve seen every career path from dentists, lawyers, nurses, recruiters, mums, high school grads all make the leap into tech. No previous coding education or experience is required to join our Full Stack Development course. We don’t care about your degree level but rather we’re looking for individuals who are hungry to learn, have grit to put themselves outside of their comfort zone and are passionate about learning something new. This being said, we do like to see that you’ve done your research/dabbled in some free online basic courses so you know what you’re letting yourself in for. You also don’t need to splash out on a top of the range laptop to participate in the course. As long as you have a computer that’s not too old and a reliable internet connection, you’ll be fine.

Can I take this course at my own pace or is there a fixed schedule I'll have to adhere to?


The course has a fixed schedule of 550 hours live training. This will either be live in the classroom from one of our campuses or live in a remote setting. You have the option to follow either the full-time (11-week immersive) version of the course or the part-time (6-month) course.

How many students are there per class? Do you have a maximum?


We accept up to 20 students per class. We also have a strict 1 to 5 teacher-student ratio and so alongside the lead instructor, there are always teaching assistants on hand to support you with the activities.

Will you help me find a job after the bootcamp?


If you do your part, we’ll do ours. By joining the bootcamp you’ll have regular 1:1s with our career coach to help map out a post-bootcamp strategy. During the final week of the bootcamp, you’ll participate in ‘careers week’ during which you will simulate HR and technical interviews and meet our speakers from our hiring network.

Am I too old to transition into tech?


Not in the slightest. Our students generally range from 18-58 years old and we welcome and encourage all ages.

What type of job can I get after completing the Full Stack course?


Not everybody has to become a developer after completing our course. In fact, the course gives you the foundations to set yourself up for just about any job in tech. The types of roles our graduates get into after the course include: Full Stack Engineer, Web Developer, Freelance Developer, Javascript developer, Software Engineer, UX designer, Front-end developer, Technical support engineer, HTML developer, Founder, Product Manager, Quality Assurance, Assistant Instructor.