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Online learning with structure and support

Get a head start and access our full stack development and data analytics bootcamps safely from your remote location. Our educational team is with you every step of the way from live lectures, in-class solution reviews to milestone check-points, career coaching and 1:1 mentoring. Take on the challenge with a supportive community of women from around the world.

What does a digital learning experience look like?

Synchronous Learning

Zoom is our primary video calling tool. Breakout rooms, remote control access & live polls allow us to interact, teach and connect with each other remotely.

Virtual Pair- & Mob-Coding

Live Share by Visual Studio Code enables students to share their code with an instructor dynamically so they can take part in solving the activities in class.

Asynchronous Learning

All lectures and activity reviews are recorded. This means you can always go back and review some material in your own time if you like.

Live Support

Throughout the day the instructors and teaching assistant are available in order to give you a helping hand during your coding journey.

Primary Mode of Communication

Slack is our main communication tool. We have topical channels and share course news and materials through it (sometimes a couple memes may slip in as well).

Global Community Access

Our community alumni Slack workspace is another virtual community to solicit support for technical and non-technical related issues.

Online Course Structure

This is a sample schedule for our remote 11-week full stack development course.

You receive a problem solving challenge and have some time to hack away at it. You can get in touch with your fellow classmates to try to solve the challenge together or you can try figuring it out independently. Then the instructor will go over the solution with you.

An instructor reviews the activity from the previous day’s lesson. They show different approaches to solve the activity and explain their way of thinking.


Instructor presents a lecture introducing a new topic.

You are given an activity to do, and you have time to work on it and practice the concepts taught in the morning lecture. Blocked on an exercise? Jump on a pair- or mob-programming video to troubleshoot.


Lunch! A moment to take a breather, and give your eyes a break.

Join the instructor again to review the solution from the morning activity. Get direct feedback on your solutions, and see how a senior engineer troubleshoots through a problem.

15:30 - 16:30

The instructor introduces another concept in lecture format.

Complete your last set of activities for the day. This should ultimately be your time to individually work through the problem set. Our TAs will check-in every 30 minutes to make sure you are working through your blockers.

18:00 - Onwards

Rest, recharge and prepare for the next day

Students share updates of their projects by posting a description of what they have done, what they are working on and share whether they have any blockers.

Students work on a coding challenge similar to the type they may encounter in technical interviews to train for on-the-spot problem solving.

The instructor goes over various ways to approach the coding challenge explaining their way of thinking.

Students meet in 1:1 slots with the instructor to touch base on their projects and ask questions.


Lectures related to the projects the students have chosen.

These are an opportunity to cover more advanced topics such as: Express, Authentication with JWT, Google Maps API Integration, React Router, Sequelize, Redux, Pusher API and Heroku deployment.


Time for a mind break and a bite to eat!

Students share updates of their projects by posting a description of what they have done, what they are working on and share whether they have any blockers.

Students continue working on their projects and are able to share technical blockers they may encounter.

Practice makes perfect! You will get the chance to do a mock HR and technical interview in order to get a taste of what to expect during the application process. And you'll also receive individual feedback in order to improve and crush it in the real thing.

You will also practice doing a technical test as this is an essential part of most tech hiring processes.

Our team will share information and tips on how to format and what to include on your CV and LinkedIn profile. And you will be able to share them both in order to get advice.

A technical recruiter with experience in the industry will share their insights and what they look for in candidates and the behind the scenes of the process!

Our in-house career coaching specialist shares their insights on how the HR departments handle tech hiring and how to stand out as a candidate.

GitHub, LinkedIn, Medium, Slack, Twitter, it goes on and on. We will discuss how to use different platforms to share your work and skills and to connect with others within the tech industry.

Time to exercise those thinking muscles. An instructor will discuss different ways of tackling on-the-spot coding challenges and you will get a chance to train your quick and logical thinking.

A moment to review many of the concepts and terminology you've covered in the course.

A guest speaker will share their insights on the impostor syndrome. This is a common experience in the tech space among both novice and experienced programmers alike. So we shed some light on it and share some tips on how to handle it.

Our Blended Online Learning Experience

A different approach to learning doesn’t mean a lesser approach.

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