CodeOp and the EuFMD Launch Work Experience Partnership

CodeOp is pleased to announce a new partnership with the European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD), an independent commission in the FAO at the UN, to be an official tech talent provider for their department.

The EuFMD team will work in conjunction with the CodeOp team to select software engineer and data analyst graduates from CodeOp’s Full Stack Development and Data Analytics bootcamps to work with their department on a rotational basis. Any CodeOp students from these bootcamps, both full- or part-time and with a minimum of one year of work experience in a relevant role, will be eligible to apply to work with the EuFMD on a paid contract. The programming and data analyst position will be 3 months, with the EuFMD able to keep candidates on for a longer appointment at their discretion.

This new partnership further expands CodeOp’s employer network to offer women, transgender and non-binary students transitioning into tech more opportunities to gain experience in the field, helping them to secure better jobs and further advance their tech careers.

CodeOp CTO Joana Simoes said: “One of the main blockers for our alumni is the lack of experience in the roles they apply to. With this collaboration, our students will have the chance to gain work experience in the area they studied in, within a great institution. The EuFMD has recognised the role CodeOp is playing in ensuring diversity when recruiting tech talent, and as our curriculum is one of the strongest on the market, our students are highly skilled and ready to work once they graduate.”

CEO and Founder of CodeOp, Katrina Walker said: “CodeOp is a mission-driven code school, which means many of our students are also mission-driven. Our students want to learn tech but they also want to apply it in meaningful ways. Partnering with organizations like EuFMD are exactly the kind of opportunities we had envisioned for our students when we launched CodeOp. Needless to say, we are excited to have our students working with such a formidable international organization.”

Communications Officer at the EuFMD, Nadia Rumich, said: “We really welcome this partnership as it opens the door for us to innovation. Our team has grown hugely in the last years and we believe that this is because we ask all our collaborators to be fearless in what they suggest. Ten years ago, we were three in the team, we did not have a logo, nor social media and now, we are exploring virtual reality.”


CodeOp is a tech school that offers bootcamps and workshops for women, transgender and non-binary folks wanting to transition into or upskill in tech. We’re dedicated to changing the face of tech and focus on providing the safe space, rigorous training, extensive resources, and global community needed to encourage, support and equip our students with the essential skills they’ll need to thrive in the industry.