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Your Salary After a Coding Bootcamp: What to Expect

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Your Salary After a Coding Bootcamp: What to Expect

Do coders make good money? This is one of the key questions people consider when deciding whether to do a coding bootcamp so they can transition careers.

We’ve put together a guide to what you can expect salary-wise once you’ve completed a course and the future career potential that can come from your new coding skills.

Your Salary Before and After a Coding Bootcamp

Your salary before and after a bootcamp is usually determined by the job position you held before starting, and the job you’re seeking after the course. 

However, according to statistical data from Course Report, the average salary of individuals before completing a coding bootcamp is $46,974, rising to $70,698 after completion. 

Life after a coding bootcamp often has a positive outlook  for many students, making it possible to secure a successful job placement within the growing sector of technology as well as a significant salary increase.

What should you expect for a starting salary?

One of the first questions that come to mind for anyone considering a change in career, especially a change into technology, is how much they will be able to make in their new job. 

There are many factors that will determine the salary of your first job. For example, a computer programmer salary will differ from a web developer salary, which in turn will differ from a coder salary. 

The average starting salary for a coder, according to Course Report, remains at a median of $65,000—not a bad start for your first job out of bootcamp.

What will your average salary be after your first job?

An average increase of 25% can be expected once you move on to your next job, compared to your original starting salary after a coding bootcamp.

But there are certain factors that determine this increase in salary.  An increase of $15,000 more than the expected average was found among individuals who taught themselves coding before attending a bootcamp. 

Additionally, things such as a college education, certificate, or relevant job experience all certainly help to start you further along the road when it comes to salary.

Will the experience I get at a bootcamp affect the salary I can get after?

The experience that a coding bootcamp provides will place you well ahead of the average candidate for beginner coding jobs. 

As we mentioned above, the salary expected after a coding bootcamp will increase with prior job experience related to coding, programming, and development. But on average, 80% of bootcamp graduates have been employed in jobs requiring the skills they obtained in a bootcamp. 

It’s fairly standard that with more experience comes a job title with more responsibility and higher pay. If you consider a full stack developer with 6 or more years of industry experience, a bachelor’s degree in a related field, who is proficient in more than one specific programming language, their average salary can often be found around the 6-figure mark. An entry-level programmer salary might, however, clock in around a median average of $87,500.

How long does it take to get a job after a coding bootcamp is completed?

The best advice we can give you here is to do your research. If you can find coding schools that have a job offer guarantee, great. If you find one that manages to have their students employed in jobs in a relatively short amount of time, even better.  At CodeOp, all of our graduates have gotten a job offer within 2 months on average due to our job offer guarantee, but this will vary depending on where you choose to learn.

On average, 75% of bootcamp graduates eventually find full-time employment within their desired field. While another 3% are part-time, and 4% work as freelancers.

Approximately 33% of graduates are placed within 30 days of graduation while an impressive 85% are placed after 120 days. For shorter job placement durations, 66% of graduates are placed within 90 days and 79% within 120 days. The data presented here can also be found in a info-graphic from Course Report.

If it’s time for you to level-up your skill-set and make the transition into tech you’ve been thinking about, take a look at the  different coding bootcamps we offer at CodeOp.

All data included in this post can be found at Course Report.

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