CodeOp’s Scholarship Program 

In order to extend the mission of diversifying tech, CodeOp offers scholarships to help minimize the financial barriers associated with the costs of technical bootcamps. In over two years, CodeOp has awarded over 150k euros in scholarships. The number of scholarships as well as the total amount of scholarships awarded is dependent upon our financial capacity for that particular quarter as well as the following: 

Eligibility & Assessment: 

CodeOp’s Scholarship Program is designed to support those who have 1) experienced economic hardship(s); and, 2) demonstrated a strong desire to develop their technical skills.

Economic hardships are defined by those who meet one or more of the following conditions: 

  • Currently unemployed
  • Currently underemployed
  • Single parenting
  • Providing financial support or care to another family member

While CodeOp assumes the authenticity of each application, it is in CodeOp’s right to request verification of a particular financial hardship if deemed necessary prior to disbursement of the scholarship. 

A “strong desire to develop technical skills” is assessed by our executive and administrative team throughout the CodeOp application process, which entails:

  • An in-person interview
  • The technical solutions to our technical challenge; and, 
  • The scholarship application

Awardees of CodeOp’s scholarship are typically notified within one week and are given an additional week to accept or decline their acceptance into the program, otherwise they may forfeit their scholarship. 

Additional Lines of Financial Support: 

In addition to CodeOp’s scholarship fund, we have also offered other scholarships and discounts in the past, such as: 

  • A scholarship partnership program with Fundacion Esplai in which their graduates are eligible for full scholarships
  • A full scholarship for transwomen in partnership with Gay Hotels

Please note that not all students are awarded the same scholarship amount, and not everyone is awarded a scholarshipboth of which are determined by the aforementioned evaluation process.

Last updated August 17, 2020