The CodeOp Podcast – Meet an Alumni: Beth Collins – from dentist to developer

We launched a CodeOp podcast!  ? In the first episode we chat with Beth Collins, an alumni from our full-stack development 11-week course about how she decided to learn to code and what it was like doing the bootcamp.

Listen to the full episode and get all the deets here:

In the episode we cover:

00:53 Introductions

01:48 Beth’s background and what she did before the bootcamp

03:15 How Beth learnt about CodeOp

03:55 On whether she was scared to learn to code

05:05 What the first day was like

06:10 What is was like doing the lecture phase (week 1 to week 6) 

08:40 Her experience of the project phase (week 7 to week 10)

11:10 Her thoughts on the career coaching and career week (week 11)

14:10 Dentistry vs. the tech industry and why she wanted to enter the tech world

15:20 She was afraid to start the bootcamp

17:35 What made her pick CodeOp as her bootcamp of choice

20:34 What her fellow classmates were like

21:45 Her message to anyone thinking of learning to code but still a bit doubtful

Do you have a friend that wants to learn to code but is still hesitant? Feel free to share Beth’s story with them! ?? ?? ?‍?